Hvala novo Kolega Luka or “Take a shower in Slovenia”!


One of the funniest bike trips I ever had started with Horst, Sabine and Claude on some hometrails of our trial king on the way to Slovenia.

Once we got to Slovenia, I felt like we had booked at Gratej bikeride holidays. Luka not only showed us a lovely mix of technical, rocky alpine

and flowy trails in the wood,

he helped us to find nice accommodation, orientation and good food. The typical restaurants (offering lots of fish, seafood and meat like rasnici or beef tartar) were as nice as the Italian style ones.
It was no surprise, but our assumption was quickly confirmed that these Slovenian Colleagues were really strong in uphill, downhill and alpinism.
Especially their up-hill pedalling skills are so impressive that I soon expect a Colin Video with Luka pedalling up a “Klettersteig” instead of simply just carrying the bike on the backpack.

Although Sabine is even stronger and tried to lift Luka’s car:

I am not so excited about pedalling. Luka took it seriously when we said something like we would not mind carrying the bike up and down a bit

After a long day and good food Luka told us (or especially Sabine who was sitting right beside him) to take a shower which we translated into Viennese (“Geh di brausen”) which either means “leave me alone” or you don’t smell good. Luka assured that he did not mean it that way and gave Sabine some O-Ringe (Ohrringe =earrings) the next day to make up for it and support her talent as a bike mechanic.

Thanks again, I had such a great time!


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